Who We Are

The more we claim to be something the further we are from what we want to be.


I’ve always felt if you succeed in life at something your proud of, shout it out!!! Send that fucking line, claim that shit!

…but I also see as humans our claims can be empty. Need for acceptance, the need to prove to your own self your going where you want to go on the road of life.

I find the sweetness of people recognizing the good qualities in you is far more gratifying than saying “I’m happy”, “I’m strong” “I’m an accomplished athlete”. Quietly taking one step at a time, trying hard to be better, making mistakes, and learning are all apart of  growing.

We grow in our sports and we grow in our lives.  No matter what we claim there is always more to do or become.

So, am I happy? I learn about happiness every day.

Am I an accomplished climber? I train and get stronger every year.

Im proud of what I do, I’m humbled when others see it.



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