Summer Blues

So let me just put it out there, I’m not a fan of summer.

Never have been and probably never will be. I know you all, the 10 people following my blog, are thinking I’m crazy.  I’m not I swear, well maybe a little…

Think about it I ski and i climb and both of these sports are best done spring,  winter, and fall. Climbing, down right sucks mid summer and well snow is the absolute opposite of summer… literally! I love cold weather so much I’m the last to start wearing shorts because I’m hoping for that one last day of good friction before the woods turn into a god damn rain forest.  I will hide in the shade all day chasing climbs with no sun. In fact I’ve gotten so adverse to the sun the last few years I’ve been as pale as a ginger.   I am the guy who is more comfortable wrapped up like a cocoon than in flip flops.

Flip Flops! what the hell are those? A shoe… no… a sole with a stub factor 100%. Every time I put a pair on I’m doomed to fillet my toe.

In the winter if its cold, hey, put on more layers. In the summer  you cant take off enough clothing, and I’m pretty sure ya-all don’t want to see my bare ass climbing up some rock.

With all my bitching about the heat, summer does have its benefits. Such as right now it is 1030 pm. and I’m sitting outside writing this blog. And night sessions , every one loves a good night session. Get out just as it gets dark, climb hard, swim, and drink beers! What is better than that?!? And its not just getting out at night climbing,  just getting out to the beach late at night and chillin with your crew. What is better bonding experience than lying in the sand, swimming in ocean, watching the moon rise , and the tide rolling in. I cant count the times I’ve sat on beer rock and watch the moon rise over the ocean. Not to mention the nights of drinking wine at Round Pond and falling asleep between friends on a crash pad. Summer nights become the moments you don’t want to end.

There is a calm to the night sounds, it will pull you in, it will embrace you, and those around will open up.  Yes work sucks the next day, but life isn’t just about the work. Life is about our experiences, life is about being with the ones you love, and what is better than that?

So I hope to see you out there, I’ll have a beer to share in my hand, and a space on my crash pad!