So the old adage; “its not the destination but the journey” , kinda always bugged me. I was always like , ” fuck no you god damn hippies!”. Yet now as I’m older I have been giving more weight to the journey. This isn’t some spiritual revelation but more of a consequence of trying  to obtain certain goals, destinations if you may, and failing miserably.  In my most recent video blog I came to terms with this:

Fucking Epic

When you think about it sending at your max is 99% journey, to get to the destination of the send. And!!! Most the time that destination is incredibly anti-climatic. Climbers will work months trying to send and this process of projecting has so many up and downs. We put our time and our hearts into a route and we put that route on a pedestal. It consumes us to the point of breaking our hearts as we repeatedly fail.

What I’ve come to realize is that if you don’t embrace that journey the destination is bitter sweet. Bitter sweet in that way where its totally awesome and your a beast but its over, you trained for this reward that is a mere drop of water on your tongue in a desert.

If we embrace the journey, embrace the hard work, embrace the failures, instead of exalting the send; the send will be but a part of the journey. It will be the final chapter of the book, a book you wrote,and a story you can tell.


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