New Packs!!!

new Ben Moon packs

So this spring me and my wife ordered new packs from Moon Climbing. We have now have used them for almost 6 months and couldn’t be happier! These packs come in one size and if you are of smaller build the pack may be a little tall for you. We ordered ours out of  a German climbing distributor cause we found they were always out of stock state side. Both packs cost us 208 euro with shipping.

IMG_1761 IMG_1766

These packs are great, they come with a rope tarp, have great padding, front zipper to get into gear packed in the middle of pack, and a small storage pocket. I am able to pack quite a bit of gear in these packs, the above pic shows the test load I used to check size. There was plenty of room left over when all of it was crammed in.

IMG_1763IMG_1765 IMG_1764

The packs waist and shoulder straps are padded really well but don’t add a lot of extra weight to the pack. The zippered stow pouch has plenty of room. The packs in general are really well made, the zippers are rugged, the nylon quite durable, and the buckles take a good beating.

My only complaint is that the compression straps could be longer and a top rope harness for trad days would be nice.

All in all you cant go wrong with these packs.